Freight services

We understand that not everybody has a ute or a trailer or are able to get away from their work site to pick up an order of plants from us. That’s why we offer the service of delivering your order to you, whether it is one plant or a truck load, we can do it for you.

If you are in the Brisbane Metro area, then will try to use our truck to deliver on time for you. If you are from further afield, then we are able to organise subcontractors for your deliveries. However, freight charges do apply, so please feel free to ring us for a quote on the delivery of your next order. Deliveries are subject to truck availabilities.

Contract growing

For those who require it, we can contract grow your next job. So if you have a planting schedule, that isn’t due for planting for a while, but you are also worried that the plants that you have put on hold with other nurseries are going to be sold, let us take that stress away. Whether it is plants within our normal production or you have something else in mind, feel free to discuss these options with us. Some fees and charges may apply.


NATSPEC are the natural specifications of the way a tree is grown and how it may look. Most people in this industry have their own thoughts/beliefs on this matter. Here are Daly’s, we have come a long way to ensure that we are keeping up with the NATSPEC guidelines.

We like to ensure that our trees are not just meeting this standard, but exceeding it, and this starts out from our seedlings/cuttings being graded and root pruned. This procedure is then continued through the production line, until the plant is in the required size for sale.

Along with root pruning at each stage of potting, we also ensure that apical tips of trees remain intact (where practical) and this is ascertained through our pest and disease spraying; water shoots are removed; and the plants are pruned in accordance with these guidelines as well.

In conjunction with root pruning, and general pruning, we use several different types of Controlled Released Fertilizers (CRF), as different plants have different nutrientional requirements.